Morning Focus Meditation mp3


Morning Focus Meditation mp3

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Do you find yourself anxious that you are sitting down to dinner and realize you didn’t accomplish anything you wanted?  Did you spend the day reacting rather than creating?  Did it even cross your mind to think about your goals, or did you wake up and feel like you were already trying to play catch-up?

It is critically important to start your day off with the best possible mindset you can achieve.  If you can establish a strong foundation within, and amplify your focus on the most important goals in your life, then the world outside will begin to comply with your inner vision.

This is a challenging task, and that is why I created the Morning Focus meditation mp3.  As a lifelong student of meditation and manifestation, I analyzed over 300 meditations in the areas of technology, scripting, pacing, ambient noise, duration, and other factors.  The result is this mp3.

Morning Focus combines 3 different meditation technologies to create the optimal environment in your brain for meditation.  You are led through a deep relaxation and into goal setting, visualizations, and affirmations for the most important areas of your life.  The result is clear focus, increased energy, and inspired action.

The total running time is 20 minutes.  You will receive a link via email that will allow you to download the mp3 file in seconds.  It plays on your computer, mp3 player, or phone.  You will feel more focused, relaxed, and inspired after the very first listen.

If you listen to this meditation every day for one week, and do not feel like it has improved your life, I will refund your money, and send you 2 additional meditations on me.