The Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford



In this complete online course, you’ll receive:

• Twelve hours of deep, guided instruction broken into eight downloadable workshops, each packed with exercises and internal processes as you explore and learn to love your Shadow Self.
• A workbook in pdf format for journaling processes and cataloging breakthroughs.

Debbie Ford is recognized as one of the greatest transformational teachers of our time, and now you can experience the power of the transformational seminars that she leads in person around the world. You’ll be led through your own personal journey through the dark and into the light of a new inspiring future. You’ll explore the sacred world of the shadow, peel away your self-imposed limitations, and discover the authentic power of your true self.If you are tired of people-pleasing and giving away your power to others, or of always feeling that you’re surrounded by events are out of your control, then a journey through the Shadow Effect may help you tremendously.

Using guided imagery, thought-provoking conversation, and enlightening coursework, you’ll expose the pervasive and often hidden impulses that influence your everyday decisions and learn tools to break free from the prison of fear, shame, regret, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

On this journey, you’ll enter a world of possibility, self-love, and self-respect and you’ll embrace the parts of yourself that will give you the courage to speak your truth, let go of the old, and open up to your own greatness. Ultimately, you’ll reclaim your right to be who you always wanted to be in the world—your most powerful, loving, and exuberant self, the you before the hurt, before the shame, before the conditioning of your past, the holy you—the YOU you were meant to be.




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