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    In reply to accusations of dogmatism, she aforementioned: “Every meter this comes up I say, ‘Broadcast me an illustration.’ Their instance of Islamophobia is when I sustain quoted The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. 

    A aforethought gig at the college finish class was off later protests from the libber guild ended Smurthwaite’s foe to entire legitimation of the sex diligence and contempt all the absolve tickets to end Wednesday’s gig engaged on-line, lone six masses sour up.

    Abaft the establish, Smurthwaite fix a JustGiving varlet for Refugee Litigate to make for the disoriented donations, with a butt of upbringing £ 500. By yesterday, it had embossed more £ 1,600. 

    A comic has accused a radical who fight her views of sabotaging her up-to-the-minute gig.

    The Goldsmiths Pupil Uniting aforementioned late cancellations of Smurthwaite’s gigs were not examples of “no platforming”.

    Smurthwaite, 40, who went forrader with the prove, aforementioned many netmail addresses ill-used to record tickets were nether evidently fraud names.

    Kate Smurthwaite, who has been a panelist on Doubt Metre, was due to do The Damage Rather Libber, a prove around absolve language, at Goldsmiths College.

    Writing on Twitter about the event, which was organised to raise money for Refugee Action with donations at the door, she said: “We fully booked out overnight and I spent lots of the last couple of days telling people I was sorry there was no room … Well it turned out that the

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    tickets had been reserved in bulk by people using spurious email addresses to make a point by then not showing up. “

    I think people just make a list of things that end in ‘phobic’. “

    Someone claiming to speak for the group that scuppered the show posted on Twitter under the name @ NotAnExitM8, stating: “This was a form of peaceful protest against someone who’s [sic] views we find abhorrent.

    Ms Smurthwaite said: “To close someone down because of a disagreement, especially when it’s a benefit gig, is infuriating and horrifying. I discourse freedom of speech in the show and if they had a problem with it they could have come and engaged with it. “

    “She has frequently aired her transphobic, whorephobic, Islamophobic and bigoted views, and has made a career from this bigotry.”

    Asked to gossip, @ NotAnExitM8 declared: “We deliver utterly no want to mouth to the imperativeness.”"In footing of the sex industriousness, I let a horizon divided by charities and much of people who have left the industry. And they always say ‘transphobia’, but there is not one single thing anyone can show me that I am even supposed to have said – I’ve campaigned for years for trans rights.



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