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    Phillips, J.G., M.A. Lambaste, and C. Rosenzweig, 1998: ENSO, seasonal rain patterns and imitation lemon sheeny variableness in Zimbabwe. Agric. Timber Meteorol., 90, 39-50, doi: 10.1016 / S0168-1923 (97) 00095-6.

    A correlativity betwixt ENSO (El Niño / Southerly Cycle) and rain in southerly Africa has been recognised for leastways a dec. While average simulated maize yields were generally lowest in El Niño years, variability in rainfall pattern and standard deviation of yields at the site level was high within each ENSO phase, indicating that more precise seasonal climate prediction would be necessary for forecasts to be valuable in crop management decisions in Zimbabwe. However, simulation results point towards the relative importance of predicting favorable cropping seasons as opposed to poor ones with respect to better nitrogen management and yield improvement for the more marginal sites. This acknowledgment has led to the anticipation that ENSO-based mood predictions testament bear pregnant applications in farming direction. This sketch is an psychoanalysis of the potentiality for exploitation ENSO predictions to cut adventure in farming product associated with rain variance at the website storey. Records of sea-surface temperatures in the equatorial Peaceable during November, December and January were secondhand to limit El Niño, La Niña and indifferent days. Clime information from foursome sites in iv of the cinque agrarian zones (AEZ) in Zimbabwe were analyzed with regard to ENSO phases and exploited to thrust a corn outgrowth pretense framework parameterized for land weather distinctive of apiece ar, exploitation two n fertiliser treatments and leash planting dates. The iv sites (Karoi, AEZ II; Gweru, AEZ III; Masvingo, AEZ IV; and Beitbridge, AEZ V) all showed a decrease in seasonal precipitation associated with the El Niño phase, compared to both neutral and La Niña years. At sites in zones II and III,

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    within-season rainfall variability increased for both El Niño and La Niña years relative to neutral years.



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