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Meditation teaches you over time that all experiences are neutral.  As humans we perceive the events and then make choices on how the experience affects us.  That choice triggers a chemical release in our bodies that we feel as an emotion.  Sometimes experiences that have been classified as negative create a memory that causes us to feel fear when we don’t want to feel fear.  The 4th track of the Gateway Experience, Release and Recharge, teaches how to disassociate negative fearful emotions from past events.

The initial preparatory process was changed from the previous lessons.  While there as still energy raising in the form of loud audible humming and ohms, the previous lessons’ rebal balloon creation was also added to the mix.  Furthermore, the Gateway affirmation was to be spoken internally.  I could not remember the entire affirmation, even after doing it easily 100 times in my life.  I paraphrased as best I could and kept going.

The energy conversion box is still part of the process, but in this lesson it took center stage.  The tape prompts you to look in your box for feelings of fear.  You may recall from past blog entries, the energy conversion box is a place where you put all your distracting thoughts and worries so that your mind can focus on the meditation lesson at hand.  It is a mental visualization construction of the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”.

I thought of the items I had placed in my energy conversion box and realized I had feelings of fear around entrepreneurship. I have twice previously started my own businesses only to see them either fail due to lack of resources or overwhelmed due to too much business and not enough preparation to handle it.  As this site grows in popularity and traffic those old experiences are resurfacing as fears.

It is not bad that they surface as fears.  I am correctly being warned that there is something to take notice of.  However, there are times when the fear can take hold and cause inertia, procrastination, or de-motivation.  That is the last thing I want or need.  This track helped to re-process and frame my past experiences so that they will have less of a subconscious hold on my present-day decisions.

During the tape I separately experienced the fear, then the emotion, then the experience free of the fear and emotion.  After each part of the process, I was instructed to let the feeling float away from the body.  Accompanying the instructions the entire time are hemi-sync tones in each ear to keep my meditative focus state.

With the tremendous amount of activities needed to be completed on this site over the next two months, I was experiencing some slight trepidation.  I couldn’t have asked for a better meditation lesson at this time.  It was an interesting synchronicity to listen to the this tape at this time.




  • rohit
    on November 8, 2011 Reply

    this is great great

  • Chip
    on August 13, 2012 Reply

    I’ve done release-recharge at least 20 times in the past year. It always brings some new awareness. As you go more into it it seems that it works on deeper levels of conciousness, where even the event you’re looking at (i.e. a hard test in school or meeting a girl that you thought she snubbed ya) doesnt mean so much at face value.

    I love the mention that all events are neutral. Thanks!

    • admin
      on August 13, 2012 Reply

      Hi Chip,

      I think release and recharge is one of the most effective ways to release bad vibes. If I find that things aren’t going my way in life, a week of releasing meditations combined with some Louise Hay mirror work affirmations always does the trick to get things back in my favor.

      I’d agree with you about the new awareness the exercise brings. Since you have changed over time, the exercise and it’s effects will change as well.

      Thanks for reading.

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