Ever heard of the US Psychic Spy program? Or watched the movie “Men Who Stare at Goats?” Using a team of remote viewers, the US military would spy on Russia (and vice-versa). Years later after relations improved between the US and USSR, the spys got together to swap stories and verify their readings…how cool is that?

I’m not promising you’ll be a psychic spy in 2 hours, but you’ll be surprised what you can picture and locate with a few simple practices and meditations.

Join us for a couple of hours on Saturday, April 6th, at the Fullerton Public Library in Chicago. We’ll do some group Hemi-Sync meditation exercises orientated around remote viewing.

Bring headphones if possible. We generally have around 20 attendees so rsvp with me via email (Scott@TheMeditationMind.com) if you can. You can also join our meetup group over at http://www.meetup.com/TMI-Chicago/events/107750682/



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