Ever suddenly notice that you are doing the same damn thing you’ve tried before and trying to achieve the same damn result?  I had this unfortunate sensation recently and it reminded me of the movie “Groundhog Day”.

In the movie, Bill Murray’s character relives the same day over and over.  When he realizes what is happening, he takes time to steal from banks, pick up women, get thrown in jail, and various other things that he would only do because he knows he gets a “do-over” once he goes to sleep.  He also uses his Groundhog Days to try to pick up the woman he has fell in love with, to no avail.

Over time his Groundhog Days become used for learning new skills and then he evolves to helping others have a better day.  This being the movies, he ends up getting the girl, not having to relive the same day anymore, and living happily ever after it appears.

My Groundhog Day occurred when I bought a recent terrible spiritual book “The Power of the Soul” looking for the latest manifestation tips.  It irritated me, my intuition said it was crap, and I decided to look for something else to read.  I then scanned the “My Documents” folder on my PC and found almost 20 different folders related to manifestation courses of various approaches.  20!

Does that make me an expert with all that knowledge, or someone that needs to get their head out of their arse? (I’ll go with both)  How many times am I going to keep searching and stop doing?

The folder that simultaneously irked me, and set me straight, related to my journal entries from taking the Gateway Voyage at the Monroe Institute.  There is a guided meditation hemi-sync exercise called Super Flow that takes you through various states of consciousness, called focus levels.  This exercise took me through 4 distinct states that I can recall.

My manifestation message during this exercise included “But I am doing my best to keep any interpretations out of the way so it is purely the message I received.

“Manifestation occurs because you can hold the feeling and imagery and then bring it into physical consciousness.  You don’t want to focus on specific actions that lead to your end goal.  No amounts, totals, no dates.  Because then you are manifesting those actions.  And the result of those actions might not lead you anywhere near where you want to be.  This usually gets misconstrued as you don’t need to take action.  That is hysterical and not true.  It is very tricky and most people focus on actions.  You want to get very vivid on just the end state and nothing else.  That is the first step”

However, in this case I was able to have a trial and error session within the meditation with my Higher Self.  I could attempt the manifestation tips, and then get feedback on how I was doing.  You can read the whole thing here if you’d like.

The Groundhog Day analogy still holds -> This was September 2009!  If I would just listen to the advice, I would have no need for so many manifestation courses.

One thing I’ve come to see as a big factor is beliefs.  There are limiting beliefs that we all hold that are so ingrained it is tough to even see them, never mind get rid of them!  I do see the need for processes around limiting belief eradication in addition to the advice in my guided meditation session on manifestation.

So if you are beating yourself up about not being where you want to be, recall that good ole Scott knows what you are feeling.  I’m going to do what I can with what I have from where I am.  How about you?




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