Hacked by ZeDaN-Mrx

    Robert Monroe is the man behind Hemi Sync.  Hemi Sync is the most trusted, researched, and effective binaural beat meditation technology I have come across. [i4w_intlink id="485" anchortext='binaural beat'] During his initial explorations into consciousness, Robert Monroe came across the discovery that using affirmations greatly increased the intensity, variety, and success of exploring the premise […]

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    It is important to import hemi sync binaural beat meditation cds correctly into ITunes.  Incorrect import settings from your ITunes can cause you to lose out on a lot of the benefits of the binaural beats.  Since the reason you are likely to buy a meditation cd with binaural beats such as hemi sync is […]

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    meditation for surgery recovery

    Using your mind and the power of meditation to recover from surgery is one of those concepts that sounds completely possible to me. But the testing of whether or not meditation would help with surgery is not an experiment I wanted to take on unless stuck having surgery. So when I ended up with a November 1st 2010 surgery for a double hernia, I knew this was my “lucky chance” to be a human tester of the power of meditation to heal from surgery.

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