Hacked by ZeDaN-Mrx

    My mother-in-law was game to try a short meditation this morning for the first time in her life.  Rather than seem over eager and bombard her with “expert” advice, I simply handed her my iPod and told her to put on headphones, hit play, and close eyes. While I’d love for this to be a […]

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    meditation techniques webinar

    This meditation techniques webinar video is the response to the questions submitted by you, the readers. It is broken up into 2 videos, totaling 55 minutes. Enjoy and let me know if you have any further questions in the comments section below. Have a great week! Meditation Techniques Webinar Part 1 Meditation Techniques Webinar Part […]

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    I used to think that powerful meditation techniques would involve years of contemplation while sitting in the lotus posture at a monastery.   I tried to circumvent this belief by reading esoteric meditation books that told me to “observe the observer” and other sayings that left me in a state that was much less than meditative…it […]

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