I’ve been helping others establish and enhance their online e-commerce sites for a decade. I never took the leap myself because I hadn’t felt the necessary drive and passion for any product. The chance to share and connect people with meditation finally triggered me to start up my own site.

TheMeditationMind.Com exists to accomplish three of my goals.

* Lead sold-out meditation and spirituality workshops world-wide
* Help people evolve
* Generate  income that allow me to live where I want and do what I want every day

This site is not strictly e-commerce driven. There are many, many pages of free content for you to learn about meditation. When you are ready to take the next step and purchase a product to teach or supplement your meditation goals, there are products for purchase on the site. Until that time, get the most of the content and feel free to use the contact page to suggest additional topics.

Meditation has brought dramatic personal growth in both internal and external areas of my life. I hope it will help you with whatever you are seeking to gain with it.  Here is my story-

I am a software development manager that first caught the meditation bug after trying a VHS tape on power yoga. I was looking for a way to workout without going to a gym. After the yoga session was over, there was a period of relaxation. This relaxation led me into meditation without my realizing it. I found myself enjoying and looking forward to the meditation portion of the tape more than the yoga itself.

I tried to recreate the sensation without doing yoga and failed. I bought meditation books and read a Yoga Journal. They all told me to “think of nothing” and “casually observe my thoughts come and go”. Ironically, I would become agitated trying to clear my head and think of nothing – Meditation is supposed to mentally soothe the mind and create calmness! Instead I was no closer to learning how to meditate. I had to practice yoga for an hour to reach a meditation state.

My curiosity drove me to read, experiment, search, attend workshops, buy programs, software, cds, meditation music, meditation mp3, you name it. I’ve tried it all and on this site I will share with you what worked best for me.

I use meditation techniques and music for these reasons-
* Meditation music playing in the background to improve my concentration and focus. I can burn through boring work tasks quickly while the time flies by.
* Guided Meditation tapes that effortlessly guide me into a meditation state when I am having trouble clearing my head (this happens often). I like these tapes because I just lay back and listen. Great for beginners who will know EXACTLY what it feels like to be in meditation.
*  Sleep meditation. Put on the headphones, and start sleeping deeply and soundly just minutes later.
* Jump out of bed and start your day focused and energized with a guided meditation to start the day.
* Meditation cds that put guide the listener to a perfect state of mind for creative visualization.

The more I practiced meditation, the more I marveled at its seemingly limitless power and application.  I would share my enthusiasm with others and be met with skepticism and disbelief.  It is my sincere belief that there are meditation methods can be used by anyone. You can be a beginning meditation student or someone who has practiced yoga for decades and can sit in lotus.  This site will expose you to many meditation techniques so that you can find the one that resonates with you the most.

Enjoy your journey!
Scott Desgrosseilliers

Scott Desgrosseilliers

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