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  • A State-of-the-Art Theta Brain-Wave Meditation For All

    Experience deep meditation states with no experience necessary. Gentle sound waves and ocean surf guide you into a meditative state that could take years to experience otherwise. This meditation mp3 is very powerful and was specially engineered by a master sound engineer just for us.

  • Exclusive Report Debunking Meditation Myths That Keep
    People From Success

    I can’t tell you the number of people who tell me they have tried meditation but it just hasn’t worked out, or they were too busy thinking about how to sit or something else. Don’t let preconceived myths about meditation stop you from progress before you even start

  • A Powerful Meditation Download “The Healing Journey” Using a Patented Technology

    This meditation takes you very deep and can give you profound perceptions of nonphysical consciousness and energy.

  • How to Ground and Integrate Non Physical and Physical Energy

    Having a powerful spiritual experience can leave you feeling all spacey and “woo-woo”..unless you know how to ground your energy afterward. Find out how.

  • Binaural Beat Meditation Download

    Perhaps you can tell from the contents of this course – we love to give people tools that give them direct experience of meditation’s power. There is only so much you can read about until you need to feel it for yourself.

  • How Meditation Technology Works

    After experiencing the meditations from this course, you’ll be curious how you can get access to nonphysical experiences you have only read about before.  We’ll explain the scientific explanations and evidence behind the power of the meditations.

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